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pkgbuild is a graphical development environment for Red Hat's RPM packaging format. It is designed to allow easy building and testing of RPM SPEC files. This is in the hope that more people will build and distribute quality RPMs. If your new to RPM it is important to note, you don't have to write an application to package it. You can package and redistribute any free software that the license allows open distribution.

Updates / News:

January 26, 2001 0.1-7 Updated to compile with FOX 0.99-153
Nov 10, 2000
Updated to compile with FOX 0.99.144 and made binary staticly linked.
May 6, 2000 0.1 Updated to compile with FOX 0.99-121
Feb 21, 1999 0.1 Updated to compile with the newest FOX libraries
Jan 13, 1999 0.1 This is the intial release of pkgbuild. pkgbuild is an easy to use RPM package builder. pkgbuild supports creating and building of a package from within the application. Most spec tags are supported


Please read the README and NOTSUPPORTED files before using pkgbuild.  Unsupported tags are removed from spec files when they are saved.  If you load in a spec file created outside of pkgbuild and then resave it you may lose tags!
Please see SourceForge Project Page for the latest release of pkgbuild.

Help / Known Issues:





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